Tesla Has Over 3000 Model 3s Left in US Inventory

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The Model 3 has always been the linchpin in Tesla's plan to bring electric cars to the masses.

In its 2018 proxy, Tesla said only two of its directors - Musk and his brother, Kimbal - did not meet the independence standards as defined by Nasdaq.

The company had earlier pledged that customers who had placed orders by October 15 would not only receive their cars by year-end but full tax credits, too.

Ars contacted Tesla to confirm this information, but we did not receive an immediate response.

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Tesla's Elon Musk is looking to sell Model 3s all the way til midnight to make sure buyers get the full $7,500 tax credit.

The SEC moved to punish Tesla and Musk because it alleged he committed fraud by tweeting that he had the "funding secured" to take the company private at $420 a share. The tax credit for Tesla purchases ends in 2020. And it is also releasing cars for purchase that other buyers have ordered if the original buyers can't take delivery by today. Post 200,000, the tax credit begins to decrease. While still having a little over 3,000 Model 3's is really not that bad, it may be that Tesla is seeing peak demand in the USA for this particular configuration of the Model 3.

In November, Tesla joined forces with General Motors and Nissan in an effort to persuade Congress to extend the EV tax credit.

Early last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company would cover the full tax credit for customers whose Teslas arrived after the December 31 deadline, if the customer was promised a pre-January 1 delivery date. If you recall, Musk at the time explained that Tesla's overarching strategy was to take profits from pricier models (i.e the Roadster and the Model S) in order to bankroll an "even more affordable auto".

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Tesla's Model 3 has been plagued by numerous production delays prompting a litany of complaints from long-suffering customers still waiting for their orders to be filled.

According to Electrek.com, the electric auto company has been trying to put everything in place to deliver a record number of Model 3's to buyers in the United States in order to help people take advantage of the federal tax credit.

The report by Electrek, citing sources, said while the automaker is expected to deliver some vehicles on the last day of the year, it is not possible for Tesla to go through the whole inventory.

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