2019’s only total lunar eclipse

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According to a fun fact from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, for anyone watching the cosmic event from on the moon, they'd be seeing a solar eclipse as well. Rather, it takes on a reddish glow from refracted light as the heavenly bodies move into position - hence the "blood moon" moniker.

A blood moon takes place during a lunar eclipse but instead of the full moon disappearing entirely, as it happens during a normal eclipse, it turns a rusty shade of red.

And since it appears in January, when wolves howled in hunger outside villages, it has earned the name wolf moon, according to The Farmers Almanac.

The Royal Astronomical Society says that in the United Kingdom the moon "will be above the horizon throughout the eclipse, though from the extreme southeast of England the sun will have risen as it comes to an end".

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Grab your winter coat, some hot cocoa and your kid's telescope on Sunday and head outside because the last super wolf blood moon won't be showing its face for another 18 years. The last identical one occurred on January 9, 2001, and the next identical one will occur January 31, 2037.

The term Blood Moon harkens back to a time when people were superstitious about the influence of a lunar eclipse, but also when people had no knowledge of what was going on. But if one adds ginger powder to water before drinking, it is considered completely safe and deemed to keep us hydrated throughout the eclipse.

"We will have other lunar eclipses, we just won't have anything quite as spectacular until May 2021".

"The Lunar eclipse begins at 3:36 a.m". See, the Moon doesn't revolve around Earth in a flawless circle, but more of an ellipse.

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Andrew Fazekas, a National Geographic astronomy columnist, explained that a lunar eclipse is when the Earth, moon, and sun line up at the same time. Totality will last about an hour, beginning at 11:41 p.m.

Will lunar eclipse be visible in India?

If you were standing on the moon as Earth began to block the sun's light, darkness would fall around you. Basically, the moon during a lunar eclipse is reflecting light from every rosy sunrise or sunset on Earth.

According to Accuweather, it will be the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the United States since December 21, 2010. On this day, the Science Center will be open from 9 a.m. through 1 a.m.to celebrate the eclipse.

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The USGS has also said that there may be a correlation between the lunar cycle and eruptions of Hawaiian volcanoes, but that attempting to predict eruptions around tides or the moon "would be absurd".