Apple's CES OOH Message Makes Privacy Clear 01/08/2019

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Of course, workers have been setting up very impressive displays and booths that cover nearly 3 million square feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and 10 other locations.

The show floor opens Tuesday where around 45-hundred companies will showcase their inventions and products.

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"If you value your privacy, buy an iProduct": that's the message Apple is trying to send with their giant ad in Las Vegas, which was bought to woo this week's army of CES visitors from Android and other competing products. The two companies are expected to display more products under the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant brands, which Apple is struggling to get a foothold with its HomePod tech product, CNBC reported.

The ad takes up more than 10 stories.

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Apple's not letting CES 2019 pass without making its presence felt. While Cook did not mention any of his Silicon Valley rivals by name, he noted many in the tech world would say stricter privacy regulation prevents businesses from reaching their true potential. "Unlike Google, Apple insists they make money exclusively from selling hardware and software, not from users" personal information. Apple has made its commitment to consumer privacy quite public, separating itself from Google and Facebook that have been called into question for their privacy practices. Amazon and Google are expected to be in attendance.

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