AT&T gets burned by rivals over its fake 5G network

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The results suggest it'll be tough for AT&T and T-Mobile's planned merger partner Sprint to hit their current estimates for subscriber growth in a mature wireless market that has seen little new-customer growth overall. "5G Evolution is an important set of technologies that AT&T is rolling out while at the same time introducing standards-based mobile 5G in parts of 12 cities this year and in parts of at least 7 more cities in early 2019". "And I love the fact that we broke our industry's narrative two days ago, and they're frustrated and gonna do what they're gonna do", Donovan added.

That's where complaints of misleading marketing come from, calling something 5G when it isn't and confusing users about what it really means.

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As things stand, the company's 5G E infrastructure and hardware is "all 5G ready". "Didn't realize it was this easy, brb updating", it wrote under a video showing someone simply taping a "9G" sticker onto an iPhone.

Verizon Communications Inc on Tuesday beat Wall Street estimates for net new phone subscribers who pay a monthly bill, adding 650,000 customers in the fourth quarter. "Verizon is making this commitment today", Verizon said.

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Verizon has promised to only label products "5G" if the device is actually delivering improved performance equal to 5G capabilities. They're pushing an update to Samsung phones that passes off their LTE-A with carrier aggregation, LAA, 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM as 5G-E (fake 5G), and now T-Mobile and Verizon are calling them out on it. Case in point is AT&T, which is getting a lot of flak for its "5G E" label on certain smartphones.

"We won't take an old phone and just change the software to turn the 4 in the status bar into a 5", Verizon added.

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