Bernie Sanders slams ‘absurd’ introduction of anti-BDS bill in Congress

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But Trump has said he will not sign the measure, and McConnell has repeatedly said the Senate won't advance legislation the president won't support.

"We're not going to touch it", said a House congressional aide, noting that it would inject a politically divisive issue into the chamber at a time when Democrats are trying to show a united front in the face of the government shutdown.

The impacts of the shutdown were widening after a weekend of fitful staff-level negotiations at the White House yielded no result. "Well, I hope that isn't the case", McConnell said.

A public lands bill that was held over from the last Congress is expected to get a vote next week, for example ― and it has support from a number of Western Democratic senators. The portion of the bill dealing with the Israel boycott-the Combating BDS Act of 2019, which encourages states to prohibit the hiring of contractors that support the "boycott, divestment, or sanctions" of companies or individuals that do business in Israel or Israeli-controlled territories-has come under fire.

WASHINGTON ― Senate Democrats on Tuesday filibustered bipartisan foreign policy legislation dealing with several Middle Eastern countries, demanding Republicans first allow a vote on reopening the government before bringing other matters to the floor.

In any event, the administration isn't alone in contemplating unilateral actions. They say Congress should not address legislation outside of that which would re-open the government.

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Both sides were squaring off ahead of Tuesday's votes.

Pence also will meet with Senate Republicans on Wednesday.

We have also seen tragic consequences from this shutdown.

The New Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives did their job and opening the entire government the first order of business when they passed two measures to achieve that goal.

Senate Democrats sharply dispute that claim. "Not a single Democrat should vote to enable this farce". Those tactics were first proposed by Sen.

With more than 130,000 federal workers and multiple department and agency offices located there, Maryland is among the states most affected by the shutdown. "As leaders, we can't just whistle past the graveyard of this crisis".

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Rubio amped up his attack on Democrats, accusing the party of using the shutdown as an excuse to avoid the bill. Ben Cardin, Virginia Sen. Kamala Harris, California Democrat, tweeted Monday. Cory Booker, Oregon Sen.

Proponents say the effort is created to penalize companies that help support Israeli settlements, which are considered illegal under global law, if not under US law. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and Thomas Carper, D-Del.

They are also backed up by key liberal outside groups, including the Center for American Progress, Indivisible and the AFL-CIO, although this strategy hasn't been backed caucus-wide.

"I nearly never use these types of procedures, but this is extraordinary to be meeting like this while a good part of the government is shut down", Cardin said Monday in an interview. He was not present at the president's press conference on Friday, but spokesman Don Stewart said that the Kentucky Republican did not know about the event, according to CNN. "Schumer to suddenly block security assistance to Israel simply because he can't work out his differences with President Trump on an unrelated matter".

The majority leader said the Democratic objections to negotiating funding for the president's requested wall at the border with Mexico amounted to a "partisan tantrum". "It's a political stunt, it always was", Connolly said.

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