Brazil to move embassy to Jerusalem: Bolsonaro

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Last December, Maduro denounced that the US Security Advisor, John Bolton, assigned missions to Bolsonaro to initiate "military provocations" in the southern border of Venezuela.

"To the contrary, I think it was very propitious and compatible with what is happening", he said after meeting Bolsonaro.

Although Embraer was privatized in 1994, the Brazilian government owns a special "golden share" which gives it veto power on important decisions, such as the transfer of control of the company, interruption to the provision of military aircraft parts, and a change of its name.

Bolsonaro already appears to be toning down some of his bold calls made during the election campaign.

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Bolsonaro, a 63-year-old former Army captain and admirer of Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship and U.S. President Donald Trump, has quickly deepened ties with the Unites States and Israel, with plans to move the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The attacks have caused panic in the population of Fortaleza, Brazil's fifth largest city.

Close to 300 members of the force arrived in the state capital, Fortaleza, and more than 10 other cities across Ceara on Friday in a bid to halt the rampage which has spiked over the past four days, national Public Security Secretary Guilherme Teophilo said, according to the government news agency Agencia Brasil. Brazil's newly inaugurated government has ordered military police sent to Ceara state following a wave of attacks on banks, public buildings and infrastructure over the past two days, which have hit 15 cities, including the capital.

In one attack, explosives badly damaged a pillar supporting a flyover road in the town of Caucaia, just to the west of Fortaleza.

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While authorities said the motive behind the attacks had not been confirmed, officials believed they were revenge for the recent announcement of tighter rules governing prisons and prisoners in the state.

Since his inauguration on Tuesday, Bolsonaro has used executive orders to open up Brazil's economy, crack down on violent drug gangs and redraw the country's foreign policy while pushing conservative social measures.

Much of that task falls to Brazilian Minister of Justice Sergio Moro, a former star judge who headed up Operation Car Wash, an investigation into Brazil's biggest-ever corruption scandal. Last year, almost 64,000 were killed, many from firearms. However, Bolsonaro has repeatedly expressed support for USA policies.

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