CES 2019: Vive Cosmos is a brand new VR headset from HTC

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Instead we're at CES seeing the launch of another VR headset from HTC, the new Vive Cosmos - or, at least, we think we are.

Since the Vive Pro Eye will track eye movements, it can optimize the virtual world in reaction to a user's focus.

Admittedly, it's not entirely clear from HTC's press release whether the Vive Cosmos is, in fact, a PC-based headset. Additionally, it offers the Vive experience without the use of any external tracking devices.

The Pro Eye has "foveated rendering" which will supposedly give you a better visual quality inside the headset.

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That's ranged from a belief that this brand could take on the iPhone with the HTC Desire (which it did) to charting new territory into virtual worlds with the Vive headset (which offered a possible, exciting view of the future rather than an wonderful product we could buy right now).

Virtual reality is taking off in a big way. The company announced that its introducing fovated rendering software into the mix using Nvidia's new RTX technology to create sharper images in VR by drastically reducing the resolution around areas in the wearer's peripheral vision. The world will flock to VR when you make the headsets easy to use, cheaper and less cumbersome, we have no doubt about that - but we need to believe that future is still on the way.

HTC also launched another new headset today, the HTC Vive Cosmos (shown below).

This is where the Vive Cosmo comes in.

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But MLB's SVP of Games and VR, Jamie Leece, told me the in-game menus are just a starting point for eye-tracking, which could become more deeply integrated into VR titles over time.

Besides just enabling new controller-less experiences, the company also notes the new headset could have a significant impact on accessibility since it could open up VR experiences to people who aren't able to use traditional hand controllers.

"We found that over 85 percent of VR intenders believe that ease of use and set up is the most important factor to consider while purchasing a headset", said Daniel O'Brien, general manager of HTC Vive in the Americas. HTC did not disclose pricing for any of these new announcements.

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