Christmas tree disposal opens January 5 in Ottawa

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You can also put your tree at the curb with your garbage, however, the tree will not be recycled and will instead go to a landfill.

It costs £5 per tree and you will need to pick either Thursday 10 January or Thursday 17 January to have it collected.

THE Christmas period comes to an end you may wondering what to do with the tree in the front room.

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Another way you can use your Christmas tree is to cut the branches off the tree and lay them on the ground to protect your sensitive perennials.

Christmas tree recycling sites across Brighton and Hove will be open until January 11.

Remove all items from the tree including ornaments, tinsel, stands and lights.

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People living in the northern hemisphere have brought trees and boughs into their homes during the winter for thousands of years.

As a reminder, the fire marshal provided examples of fires in recent years that involved dried out Christmas trees. This small act of nature conservation can also help your family learn three lessons about how, even in death, trees are an important part of life and renewal in our Canadian forests.

Do not cut your tree into pieces. Most municipalities now have programs that chip and compost old trees.

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