Fallout 76: Nukes Disabled by Bug, Bethesda Says It's 'Investigating'

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Hey everyone, just sharing the news that we're actively investigating the nuke silo access issue.

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The Fallout 76 subreddit was flooded with new threads about the issue, and it wasn't long before Bethesda confirmed that it was indeed a bug and not a planned feature of an event. In addition, it also introduces the concept of player-vendables to the game.

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This week, however, the codes found were the same as last week, making them completely unusable. Codes in hand, they can go to a nuclear silo and launch them at spots on the map to punish other players, or simply give a fresh dose of radiation to a spot and create mutated high-level enemies there.

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Yesterday, we reported on a bug that many Fallout 76 players jokingly called the "Y2K" glitch that messed with how the nukes worked in the game so much so that they didn't really exist during a small timeframe. The silos going down is basically equivalent to a raid in Destiny temporarily going offline. Bethesda has since been made aware of the issue and deployed a hotfix early this morning to get everything back up and operational. The company didn't provide any further details about the cause of the problem, however, and did not respond to a request from Kotaku for comment. Basically, Fallout 76's silos were created to survive nuclear war but not Y2K19.