Google’s Open Source Fuchsia OS Will Support Android Apps

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We've been learning tidbits about Google's secret operating system, Fuchsia OS, for quite a while now, but there still hasn't been any official word from Google about what it will be used for.

Until today, there were several discussions around whether Fuchsia OS will support Android apps. By the fact it will run Android applications, Fuchsia will join the likes of Chrome OS, which is capable of doing the same thing. Fuchsia will essentially utilize a specially designed version of the Android Runtime (ART), in order to run Android apps. All in all, Fuchsia is still a mystery for the most part, even though we've already seen some graphical representations of the OS have been shown, well, parts of it.

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Many of you are probably not as familiar with the Google Fuchsia OS, and are wondering why is it being mentioned so frequently in news.

While Google has been (not so) secretly working on a project internally codenamed Fuchsia for at least a couple of years, its development appears to have ramped up recently, with a large team of over 100 engineers rumored to be prepping some sort of an Android replacement.

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With millions of people happy with their Android apps, many of which they paid for, their compatibility with Fuchsia should help ease the transition from one OS to another, though it will still be many years before that starts happening. It could run in a Linux virtual machine, or it could merely replace Linux kernel calls with equivalents from Fuchsia's Zircon kernel. Developers can use the SDK to make Fuchsia apps.

What is Google Fuchsia OS?

"Further, this ART version can be installed on any Fuchsia device use a '.far" file - Fuchsia's version of the Android APK file.

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Overall, this development means Fuchsia devices will run Android apps.