Google's Fuchsia OS will seemingly support Android apps

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As spotted by 9to5Google, Google has a new change in Android's Gerrit source code. This shows Google is bringing a specially designed version of ART, or Android Run Time, to Fuchsia.

Looks like Google won't make your Android apps obsolete whenever it switches to the Fuchsia operating system.

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Until today, there were several discussions around whether Fuchsia OS will support Android apps.

The fact that neither has been completely successful in doing so means the odds would be stacked against Fuchsia, but if they do get it right, would be a realisation of a holy grail in computing - able to work across chipsets and form factors.

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"These targets are used to build ART for Fuchsia". It is Google's upcoming operating system with a new kernel (Magenta) that's being developed at a fast pace and we often keep coming across different development news related to it.

With millions of people happy with their Android apps, many of which they paid for, their compatibility with Fuchsia should help ease the transition from one OS to another, though it will still be many years before that starts happening. This version of ART will be installable on any Fuchsia OS device using a FAR file, which is Fuchsia's equivalent of Android's APK file. Fuchsia's user interface and applications are written with Flutter, which is a software development kit which allows cross-platform development abilities for the OS. We might, however, see Google's first official confirmation of Fuchsia at its I/O event this year. That transition would be really hard for Google, though, and considering that the company is aiming to let Fuchsia run Android applications via ART, well, it is possible that it will launch as a separate entity, and stay in that form, though that would basically mean that Google has three operating system in the market, Android, Chrome OS, and Fuchsia, all of which are capable of running on a wide range of devices.

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