IPhone XS Max Reportedly Explodes In Man's Pants Pocket

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According to BloombergQuint, which was recently in contact with Sony, that company will be "boosting production of next-generation 3D sensors after getting interest from customers", customers that include Apple Inc.

Josh Hillard, the owner, said that while having lunch, he noticed a odd smell from his rear pant pocket. But suddenly, during his lunch break, an odd smell appeared.

Check out the photos below-shared via iDrop News.

iPhone XS Max Owner Claims His Expensive Device Caught Fire and Exploded in His Pocket
Man In Ohio Claims Apple’s iPhone XS Max Exploded In His Pocket

No sooner after that, Hillard reported that "green and yellow smoke" began popping out of his phone. He says one of his bosses heard him yelling and helped extinguish the fire.

"Once the phone was extinguished", Hillard explained, "I was left with a hole in my trousers, fire extinguisher on my pants/shoes, and some pain/irritation in my buttocks region where the pocket of my trousers was located". "After spending about 20 minutes with an employee and answering questions, she removed the SIM card in effort to pull up my profile but it was melted", he said.

Apple Inc. will be ringing in 2019 with declining sales, but there might be hope ahead as the first iPhone XI leaks appear. I asked about my clothing and they told me that they could make no promises until the phone was captured.

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This Apple customer complaint might be a little too hot to handle.

"I was given no other option and was told that nothing could be done for me in store if they could not keep the damaged phone", Hillard said.

Forbes summed up Apple's issue well: "The problem is Apple is neither out-innovating its competition in the Android ecosystem, nor is it even remotely price-competitive any longer, even with the entry-level iPhone XR that starts at $749".

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It is important to note that Hillard did not submit his burnt iPhone to the Apple Store since he was unsatisfied with their resolution. Disappointed, he took the phone back home and called Apple Care, only to narrate his ordeal all over again. Once the offer expires, Apple will likely bring the fee back to around Rs 6,500 in India. "I was sent an email and instructed to attach pictures of the damage to the phone, my clothes, and if there was any injury to also attach a picture of this", Hillard explains.

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