Jeff Bezos’ Messages To Mistress Lauren Sanchez Are Messy As F*ck, Allegedly

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This chatter also raises serious questions about Bezos's judgment as the CEO of the most valuable company in the world, The Enquirer reported. And apparently now, the "erotic selfies" mean d**k pics.

Shortly after Bezos announced his divorce, the National Enquirer published a months-long investigation into him and his relationship with Sanchez, alleging the two had traveled to "exotic destinations on his $65 million private jet".

Bezos and Sanchez deny the infidelity, however. "It's going to be a beauty". Let's also note Sanchez is a married woman, the wife of talent agent Patrick Whitesell to be exact, though Sanchez and Bezos started dating after separating from their respective spouses...allegedly.

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Under the 54-year-old's leadership, Amazon has expanded beyond traditional retail to build an e-commerce juggernaut.

The couple met in NY, when Bezos hired her to work for him when he was a VP at a Hedge Fund, 6 months later they were married.

Since Enquirer publisher David Pecker has already admitted to Robert Mueller that the tabloid allowed itself to be used as Trump's attack vehicle, Scarborough wondered if their coverage of Bezos was an extension of that, given the president's hatred of him.

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But it's also more than that - specifically, this is about who Bezos is and what he represents. First he ruined Seattle, and now he'll do the same to Queens and northern Virginia. Not falling down. Just a little drunk.

Both Jeff and his wife MacKenzie are successful in their own rights, they both attended Princeton and MacKenzie is a novelist, who studied under Toni Morrison and won an American Book Award In 2006. She's been there from the very beginning, when Amazon was just an idea, and if she does get half, "the divorce could drastically reduce Jeff Bezos' stake in Amazon and open the door for his wife to become one of its largest shareholders, with new leverage at the company", CNN Business reported.

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