Kevin Hart Won't Host The Oscars And Says He Won't Apologize Again

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"No, I'm not hosting the Oscars this year", Hart said.

Strahan asked how Hart would respond to the people who take issue with the way that the comedian has apologized in the weeks following his removal as host. I'm over the moment. He said he could not rule out hosting in future years.

Just three days later, he stepped down after homophobic tweets from eight years ago re-emerged; he said he's already apologized for the tweets and that he's not the same person he was at that time. Lemon played a clip of Hart talking on Monday night's radio show where he says it is not his dream to be an ally for the gay community, contradicting his statement to be in the fight for equality.

'I'm not gonna say anything, and I'm definitely got gonna say it here, but the chances are very slim, ' he said, adding: 'I love the Academy, I love everybody that's involved with the process of building the Oscars and making it.

"We thought it was okay to talk like that [in the past], because that's how we talked to one another", Hart explained. "I don't want people to think there's a thing between me and the Academy, because there isn't. I understand you", he continued, adding that he hopes the LGBTQ community can forgive him and accept he's a different person from the one who sent those tweets nearly a decade ago. "And then I say as a heterosexual male, if I can do something to stop my son... that's where the joke starts!" You're not going to hear me say anything else about it.

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"The reason why I've passed is that I've addressed it several times", he continued.

The comedian says he wants to join the fight for equality, but encourages LGBTQ listeners to recognize when someone owns up to their mistakes and wants to grow from them. "Where does the equality part come in?"

"I really had to dive into the whole thing - even the tweets", Hart said of his past remarks.

Harts homophobic tweets from 2009 - 2011 resurfaced last month after he was given the gig.

"I shouldn't have to prove who I am", Hart said Wednesday.

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DeGeneres - a past Oscars host herself - said she called the Academy and asked them to reconsider having Hart host. "You're the best", Rock said.

The Academy, which hands out the Oscar awards, has not announced a replacement host.

"You're not getting no more of my energy from it", he added. "We don't post this shit on social media'". So you have to come to a point where you know that you've given all that you possibly can.

Later that day, Hart quit ― and apologized for the homophobic tweets.

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