Major League Baseball bending rules for Kyler Murray, Oakland Athletics to reach deal

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Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics with the No. 9 pick of the 2018 MLB Draft.

As Passan explains in follow-up tweet, league rules prevent a team from signing a drafted player to an MLB contract straight out of the draft.

According to a report from, the league sent marketing executives to a meeting between the A's and Murray on Sunday.

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The Oakland Athletics can sign Kyler Murray to a major league deal and offer him significant guaranteed money to choose baseball over football without running afoul of Major League Baseball rules, league sources told ESPN, the latest twist in a sport-vs. -sport battle for the Heisman Trophy victor that's expected to be resolved in the coming days.

The summit comes a day before the deadline to declare for the National Football League draft, which the A's believe Murray plans to do.

Murray is reportedly asking for $15 million to choose baseball or else he'll stick with football, which has more front-end money but pales in comparison to the longevity and potential pay down the line that baseball can offer.

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Oakland would have to add Murray to its 40-man roster if he signed a major-league contract. Mike Leslie of WFAA-TV in Dallas reported that Murray was demanding $15 million to play baseball.

The more interesting deadline is February 15 - the day Murray is supposed to report to the A's for the start spring training.

We should know more about Murray's final decision soon. Murray would be signing an additional contract on top of the original signing bonus and minor-league contract.

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There is, however, no possibility that Murray could play both football and baseball in the same year.