Marvel teases Fantastic Four content coming to Spider-Man PS4

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It looks like that the official Marvel Games Twitter account is teasing something to do with the Fantastic Four coming to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 in some shape or form. What could it be? Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have crossed paths before, so there are a couple of costumes that could potentially be created for the PS4 exclusive, such as the Future Foundation suit. Sadly, neither Marvel nor Insomniac have confirmed just what is coming to Spidey, other than the fact that it is definitely Fantastic Four related. Johnny Storm even put a "Kick Me" sign on his back for good measure - we'd love to see this additional touch in the game.

Penagos did not elaborate further on the stream, which also highlighted Fantastic Four appearances in other Marvel games.

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With little to go on, one of our best guesses is that Insomniac will add another suit to Spider-Man. That said, I also rather like the idea that the mystery DLC will just plonk the Baxter Building into NY, as one Twitter user suggested.

As to what this new Fantastic Four DLC could be - there are a number of possibilities. The white-and-black Future Foundation get up Peter Parker received when he joined Reed Richard's titular foundation in the comics would make sense, and its distinct stealth powers would add to the wealth of gameplay options already on display.

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The game already includes nearly 40 different suits - 10 of which have some as DLC - so Insomniac definitely has a penchant for adding in as many variations of Spider-Man as it can.

So what do you think this "fantastic" content will turn out to be? Perhaps he's getting a new costume as a nod to this?

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