Opioids Are Taking More Life Than Road Accidents

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CNN reports that the NSC, after examining data collected from state and federal agencies, determined that the risk of dying from an opioid overdose is now greater than the risk of dying from "falls, pedestrian incidents, drowning, and fire". Over 70,000 deaths were reported due to opioid overdose in 2017, the CDC reported.

Last month, the CDC reported life expectancy in the United States of America decreased from 2016 to 2017 due to increased medicine overdoses and also suicides.

- For the first time in American history, one of the leading causes of deaths - vehicle crash - has been supplanted by opioid overdoses. Lifetime odds of dying from an accidental fall are one in 114, an increase from one in 119 previous year.

While these drugs are meant to help relieve pain, synthetic opioids "tend to be highly potent" and are often illegally manufactured, the CDC warned on its website. "In 2017 preventable injury fatalities were 169,936- a boost of 5.3 percent from the year before and a 96 percent boost compared to the numbers in 1992". "We have known for some time that opioid overdose is an everyday killer, and these odds illustrate that in a very jarring way".

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The number one cause of death is heart disease, with a 1 in 6 odds of dying, closely followed by cancer, with a 1 in 7 odds of dying.

The latest numbers paint a grim picture for all Americans, said Maureen Vogel, a spokeswoman for the NSC.

For the first time on record, the chances of unintentionally passing away from an opioid overdose in the United States are now higher than those passing away in an automobile crash. "For too long, avoidable deaths and also injuries have been called 'crashes, ' indicating certain acts of God or fate that we are powerless to stop".

"What began more than 2 decades ago as a public health problem primarily among young and middle-aged white males is now an epidemic of prescription and illicit opioid abuse that is taking a toll on all segments of USA society", that study indicated.

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Data reported past year showed drug overdoses killed more Americans in 2016 than the Vietnam War, with three-quarters of those deaths caused by opioids.

The White House claims that new, stronger efforts to curb illegal immigration will have a dampening effect on the Fentanyl trade.

A separate December 2018 report in the National Vital Statistics Report found that fentanyl surpassed heroin in 2016 as the most commonly used drug in overdose deaths.

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