Rand Paul heading to Canada for hernia surgery

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The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that Paul, a onetime Republican presidential candidate, will have outpatient surgery performed at the Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Thornhill, Ontario, next week.

Paul is scheduled for surgery at Shouldice Hospital, which touts itself as a world leader in "non-mesh hernia fix".

Paul, who is not covered by the Canadian health care system, will pay out of pocket for the operation, an aide told Politico.

According to Paul, the surgery - which will cost as much as $8,000 - is linked to injuries he suffered in 2017 when Boucher attacked him as he mowed his lawn.

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He is known for being one of the fiercest political critics of socialized medicine and he's heading north of the border for surgery this month.

Paul has called universal health care "slavery" because it would "conscript" doctors and their staff members to provide care.

The hernia procedure is estimated to cost $5,000 to $8,000 U.S., the court document said.

While Shouldice is privately owned, it receives most of its funding from the Ontario government and accepts the Ontario's Hospital Insurance Plan, the paper reported.

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Paul suffered multiple broken ribs in the incident.

Rene Boucher, centre, appears in court for an arraignment hearing with his attorney Matt Baker, left. Federal prosecutors are appealing the sentence.

Paul is suing Boucher civilly for past and future pain and suffering.

Paul's lawyers also said that a biomechanics expert is prepared to testify that Paul's injuries were similar to those from a 40 km/h vehicle crash.

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