Samsung to launch Galaxy S10 on February 20

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The invite itself doesn't make any mention of the so-called Galaxy F, but it's likely that Samsung will use the opportunity to show off the device. The hype will be crazier than ever, while we'll also see the largest display we've ever seen in the S series before, but without much increase to the overall size of the phone.

Driving Samsung's connected living philosophy is the Intelligence of Things - IoT, 5G, and AI working together across devices, to create seamless experiences.

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In 2019, Samsung will expand the Family Hub platform across more models to ensure that there is a Family Hub configuration that meets the needs of all consumers.

Samsung engineers have been working for years on a foldable smartphone concept, developing cutting-edge technologies like the Infinity Flex Display and ironing out the multitude of kinks associated with bending electronics. If it can offer a more impressive device than the iPhone XR for around the same price, it could make 2019 even harder for Apple. The company expects the assistant will continue as more partners, such as Google, join the ecosystem. The 98-inch technology marvel supports HDMI 2.1 and is able to upscale the content to take advantage of extra pixels. The new Family Board offers a completely redesigned screen experience, letting family members communicate and share memories in a creative space on the front of the fridge.

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With CES 2019 nearly done, the next major tech event will take place next month in Barcelona, Spain. These new features will also be available via automatic update for most earlier Family Hub models. Samsung in this year's CES shared some exciting new technology in the field of smart TVs, smart appliances, laptops, and robots.

For Work, Samsung has released the new Notebook 9 Pro and the Notebook Odyssey gaming laptop, as well as the Samsung Notebook Flash. Now, the interesting thing is, this prototype has a notch in the top-right corner, which is something the final unit nearly certainly will not have, as it will be a part of the Galaxy S10 lineup, more on that later.

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