Samsung unveils giant 219-inch TV named ‘The Wall’

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Do you remember how you felt when you replaced your heavy tube television with a flat screen?

The 219-inch. that's right, 219 inches.

Samsung goes big with a 219-inch TV
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Basically, it's the coolest TV you'll ever watch.

There's been a big push towards not just high quality resolution panels, but those that can faithfully recreate TV shows and films as their creators intended - just look at Sony, which has thrown in a Netflix Calibrated Mode on all its Master Series TVs. "A 55" Samsung is roughly $550 now. But what happens when we feel the 80-inch isn't big enough? A MicroLED TV is a new display technology that uses millions of tiny LED's to create a larger image.

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Samsung calls it "the wall". Think Google, whose booth is actually an 18,000-square-foot ride that seems to be inspired by Disney's "It's a Small World".

Samsung has unveiled the newest addition to their line of televisions, a new 219-inch device named "The Wall".

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Yes, "the wall" is likely way too big for your living room. It's safe to say Samsung's massive unveiling stole the show at CES 2019. However, the company was able to shrink the TV down to a "more home-friendly" 75-inch, modular version.

To read all about the 75-inch, has all the goods.

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