Senior Huawei Canada executive leaves firm

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In the latest setback for Huawei, Poland said Friday it had arrested a Chinese telecoms executive suspected of spying for China, with local media identifying him as a Huawei director.

Orange Poland told The Associated Press on Friday that officials from Poland's Internal Security Agency searched the company's headquarters in Warsaw on Tuesday and that as part of operation "we handed over belongings of one of our employees".

Chinese telecommunications conglomerate Huawei on Saturday said it had dismissed a Chinese worker arrested in Poland on allegations of spying for Beijing.

But EU officials explained that given the importance of cybersecurity as a threat, which is growing "exponentially", and past concerns related to Huwaei, the Commission chose to get involved following internal discussions on Friday morning.

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Meanwhile, telecom operators across Europe, under heavy pressure to roll out 5G quickly, seem to be playing down security fears because using Huawei makes business sense to them. According to reports, two men were taken into custody Tuesday.

The European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation should work on a joint position on whether to exclude Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei from their markets, Poland's internal affairs minister, Joachim Brudzinski, said on Saturday.

"We are asking the related country to deal with the case fairly based on laws" and protect the legitimate rights of the people, it said.

In a statement published by the pro-government Global Times, Huawei said the incident had brought the company into disrepute. He alleged both suspects "carried out espionage activities against Poland".

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Its products have been subject to blocks and bans in some countries, including the US, Australia and New Zealand.

An official at the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw said China attaches "great importance to the detention" of the Chinese citizen in Poland and that Chinese envoys had met with Polish Foreign Ministry officials on the matter and urged them to "arrange a consular visit as soon as possible".

The firm's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada in December over allegations of breaking of U.S. sanctions on Iran. The company said it abides by applicable laws wherever it operates and expects employees to do the same.

Huawei in December said it expects to see a 21 percent rise in revenue for 2018 despite what it called "unfair treatment" around the world. Huawei has repeatedly dismissed claims that it is a Beijing tool, with company officials noting that it is an independent entity and has never been implicated in any spy rings - until now. Various countries, including the Britain, France, Germany, Norway, have publicly raised concerns about using Huawei equipment for next-generation mobile networks.

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