State of emergency declared over Washington measles outbreak

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As of Saturday, there are 32 confirmed cases of measles in Washington - an outbreak that has already prompted Gov. Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency.

Officials with Southwest District Health in Caldwell, Idaho say so far no measles cases have been reported in Idaho as a result of the outbreak. Measles is a highly contagious disease that can be instantly deadly if unaddressed - and it is the young children that suffer the most because they are unprotected.

Officials say the man had recently traveled to Vancouver, Washington, where a measles outbreak is happening, but it's not clear if that's where he was infected.

The outbreak is in an anti-vaccination hotspot near Portland, Ore., according to CBS News.

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A doctor's assistant brings a tray with a vaccine against measles, rubella, mumps and chicken pox prior to the vaccination of an infant on February 26, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

Health officials warn he came in contact with hundreds of people.

"Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease that can be fatal in small children", Inslee stated in his proclamation.

Measles is rare in North America, and a single case results in a cascade of public health activity to ensure that transmission from the case is minimized.

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She adds that while there is now no travel advisory for Washington State, anyone heading to the area should review their immunization status to make sure they're protected. "If there's anybody out there that has not taken the vaccine and can get it, then they should".

Locations and venues include Portland International Airport, at the Moda Center during a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game, an Amazon Locker location and stores such as Costco and Ikea.

The Oregon Healthy Authority says the agency is working to let people know of the potential exposure within the county. Those people stayed home and later got ill, Armstrong said.

People who choose not to vaccinate their children are underestimating the dangers of the illness, said Melnick, who himself had measles as a child, before the vaccine was commonplace. Serious complications such pneumonia and brain infections can arise from the disease in some cases.

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Schaffner adds, "It's no joke. You can feel absolutely miserable for 10 days to two weeks".