Trump says record-long govt shutdown could be resolved 'in 15 minutes'

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The U.S. government shutdown over President Donald Trump's demand for border wall funding became the longest in the modern era as it stretched into its 22nd day Saturday with no end in sight.

President Trump has been counseled by outside advisers to move toward declaring a national emergency for the "crisis" that he says exists at the southern border. Trump walked out of negotiations this week when Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats refused to give, saying they support dollars for border security just not the big wall Trump envisions.

Trump previously threatened to declare a national emergency in order to sidestep Congress for border wall funding.

The current shutdown has affected some 800,000 United States workers, many of whom have been forced into unpaid leave - referred to as a furlough - while others have been forced to work without pay.

Concerning the allocation of blame, 53 per cent say Mr Trump and the Republicans are mainly at fault, and 29 per cent blame the Democrats in Congress.

"They think, 'Gee, we can hurt Trump, '" he said.

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"Replacing more visible rights harms with - potentially - less visible ones is not a good answer", St. Vincent said.

The standoff has turned into a test of political ego, particularly for Trump, who came into office boasting of his deal-making powers and making an aggressive border policy the keystone of his nationalist agenda.

But Republicans who control the Senate have so far stood with Trump and insisted that any spending bills include money for his wall.

"This is not something you would want to do", said Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, now the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

The White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to comb through its budget in search of money for the wall, including looking at $13.9 billion in unspent disaster relief funds earmarked for areas including hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico, Texas and more than a dozen other states. "They're the ones that are holding it up", he said during a telephone interview with Fox News on Saturday night.

"Democrats should come back to Washington and work to end the Shutdown, while at the same time ending the frightful humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border", Mr. Trump tweeted. The White House also was eyeing military construction funds, another politically hard choice because the money would be diverted from a backlog of hundreds of projects at bases around the nation. But I'd like to see them act responsibly, and they're not acting responsibly, and that's it, ' he continued.

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Both Pelosi and Schumer have since repeated the phrase "Trump Shutdown", but it's not actually the most accurate description of what's going on. "I'm not going to do it so fast", Trump said during an event Friday at the White House. Jared Kushner was among those opposed to the declaration, arguing to his father-in-law that pursuing a broader immigration deal was a better option.

The shutdown enters its fourth week next week, with Trump's threat to declare a national emergency still on the table. That's according to a congressional aide and administration official familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the request.

"Democrats should come back to Washington and work to end the Shutdown, while at the same time ending the terrible humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border".

Some of the outside advisers who want him to declare a national emergency say it could have two benefits. "Yes", Meadows told reporters this week.

President Barack Obama stunned Republicans when he bypassed Congress and used executive powers to enact parts of his agenda.

"Most of them are living from paycheck to paycheck and now they approach this day on Friday having moved from paycheck to no check", Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings said in debate on the House floor.

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