Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7

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Elsewhere in desktop, the most recent version of macOS (10.14) is in third place, with 4.73, followed by Windows XP which just keeps on going with 4.54, ahead of Windows 8.1 with 4.45. Now, Windows 10 has finally surpassed the market share captured by Windows 7 according to Net Applications.

Stat-wranglers from NetMarketShare are the latest to declare that Windows 10 has gently given its much-loved (or less disliked) predecessor a nudge toward oblivion, if only by a few percentage points. (We aren't displaying every tracked OS, so the totals do not add to 100 percent). Some of this may be an ongoing correction since it isn't clear why Windows 7 (32-bit) would see positive adoption figures this late in its life cycle, but the size of the gap between consumer and gamer adoption of Windows 10 shows that the two markets are on very different trajectories.

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Despite assurances, many businesses who had been bitten in the past, had refused to upgrade, holding steadfastly onto the venerable Windows 7, and there's a fair bet that the majority of remaining Windows 7 machines are in offices.

When Microsoft released the April 2018 Update, for instance, it was running on half of all Windows computers in May. But now months since its release, the software has failed to gain traction with users.

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Still, Microsoft continues to tweak the update to ensure it's working and is planning more updates for 2019. As The Verge points out, Windows 7 extended support doesn't end until January 14, 2020.

Windows 7 usage will likely drop throughout the coming year as the OS moves towards being phased out. It's the first month ever in which Windows 10 has been on top. Windows 8.1 users have a little longer, until 2023.

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