Wireless AT&T Charger To Charge iPhone And Apple Watch Together

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The Power Drum wireless charger will also feature a Nightstand mode that will allow the Apple Watch to be used as an alarm clock while it is being charged. A recent spoiler from the FCC website has accidentally revealed AT&T's plan to release a portable wireless charger.

Jobs' Mob promised to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on a single compact mat with flexibility on where devices can be placed by 2018. One such example is AT&T, now rumored to be developing something called the Power Drum.

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Apple SVP Phil Schiller told the iPhone X event in September 2017 that it should be in the shops in 2018 and can not nail down availability for the companion AirPods wireless charging case. Even so, there shouldn't be any issue as to why the fourth-generation watch wouldn't charge. Any Qi-compatible smartphone will supposedly work with this so-called Power Drum as well. AT&T Power Drum Compatibility Oddly enough, the filings don't mention the Apple Watch Series 4 as a supported device. Perhaps AT&T started developing this at a time when USB Type-C wasn't in the mainstream yet.

As of now, there is no more information about the Power Drum, including its price and release date or if it will be available for non-AT&T customers. Rather than mess about with different chargers and cords, AirPower was supposed to offer a single charging mat that users could place their devices onto and have them charge simultaneously. A lot of third-parties have developed a wireless charger for the iPhone and the Apple Watch before this. Thoughts about the AT&T Power Drum?

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This suggests the AirPower does transmit some charging-related data to the accessories it is charging.

Additionally, the patent notes that Apple's wireless charging mat "can implement" other charging technologies as well, like the Power Matters Alliance's technology.

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