An Apple Videogame Subscription Service Makes Sense. Will It Happen?

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But according to a new report by Cheddar, the Silicon Valley-based firm is also working on its own game subscription service.

Cheddar's report doesn't go into detail about the supposed gaming subscription service, nor does it give any idea of pricing.

Everyone wants to know what product category Apple with disrupt next. And if that wasn't enough, some developers get really creative with trying to trick people into giving them more money.

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Similar to platforms like Sony's PlayStation Plus, Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo's Switch Online, Apple's Netflix-like service will reportedly offer access to a select number of mobile titles for a monthly fee. According to the article, the iPhone creator had been in private talks with game developers regarding this service late previous year.

Apple isn't the only tech giant considering a games subscription service.

It's reasonable to think this game service will tie into Apple's App Store.

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One of the most overlooked things about iOS and iPhones are the insane expensive apps and services that live on the App Store. "Subscription has proven to be a successful way of monetizing on mobile".

Should Apple start publishing games, they can take advantage of the current subscription-heavy payment models.

Services, which include paid offerings ranging from iCloud storage to Apple Music, are the company's fastest-growing business segment.

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Apple said it booked almost $40 billion in services revenue by last year, and Apple has a public goal that it should be a $50 billion per year business by 2020.