Apex Legends Helping Electronic Arts Fight Off Fortnite

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Just as the Fortnite phenomenon was emote-dancing its way to becoming an untouchable force on the competitive gaming/Twitch throne, Respawn Entertainment pulled a "hold my beer" moment with their new viral hit Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Challenge, which is sponsored by Twitch, is a streamer event where 48 of the "biggest streamers" on Twitch will compete against each other.

While many players have already secured victories on the game, not many will have won a game with as many eliminations as this triumphant trio, who set a new world record in the process. "Just because of the large population, you can avoid stream-snipers".

Speaking to Game Informer, Layden said: "We got to that place in Fortnite and it seems to be going reasonably well, from what I can tell".

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Since its release on iOS last March, Fortnite has made over $500 million on the platform. The insane thing about these numbers is that Fortnite has consistently had more streamers - Dextero says that Apex Legends had 600,000 fewer hours streamed than Fortnite throughout the week, but had 11 million more hours watched. Of that, more than 2 million players have enjoyed the Battle Royale-style gameplay concurrently. People keep saying, 'Why doesn't Sony allow more people to have it?'

What was a boon for Apex Legends was crippling for Fortnite. And of course, it's a true free-to-play game where you only need to spend money if you want characters and items quickly. This is still exciting news for mobile gamers, though.

What makes Apex Legends so popular? Many have hoped that the developers will add the ability for smaller teams and solo play too.

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Even previous year, with the launch of Call of Duty's battle royale mode (Blackout), we didn't see the attach rate and popularity that Apex has had over the past seven days.

So, the question that is on everyone's mind, is Apex Legends really "the Fortnite Killer"?

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