Bud Light, Game of Thrones Have Fiery Crossover in Super Bowl Commercial

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The Bud Light commercial starts out with a king and queen at a jousting event enjoying Bud Lights, while they and crowds of spectators cheer on the "Bud Knight", who faces a mysterious opponent. Our office is right down the road! Reporter Sarah Kaplan suggested the "next $10 million could go toward better health benefits, parental leave, equal pay, and more jobs for reporters?"

"Thanks @MillerLight and @CoorsLite for supporting our industry", the association wrote.

As of halftime, Bud Light had yet to respond to being called out by National Corn.

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A-B InBev said the ad continues the group's bid to add transparency to its Bud Light production process following a decision earlier this year to add an ingredients label on secondary packaging in the US.

Bud Light wasn't at the center of the only controversy during Super Bowl LIII, but the beer did manage to stir up some outrage during the big game. During 2017's second half, Bud Light was running ads stressing the simplicity and quality of its ingredients simultaneously with the then-new "Dilly Dilly" campaign ads.

"We think Bud Light, as the leader in this category, needs to make a bold move", Goeler said, per AdWeek.

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Fredrick Kunkle, a Post staff writer and co-chair of its union, also criticized the Super Bowl ad in a series of tweets.

AdAge reports that Bud Light's decision to go after other brands was unorthodox: "It's unusual for a bigger brand to target two smaller ones; typically, it's the smaller challenger brands that try to tweak the big guy", AdAge reported, adding that Bud Light is "by far" the largest USA beer brand, followed by Coors Light in second and Miller Lite in third.

MillerCoors also hit back at Bud Light with a tweet clarifying that none of its products use high-fructose corn syrup. "And Miller Lite has fewer calories, fewer carbs and more taste than Bud Light".

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