Canada could see large amount of measles outbreaks, health experts warn

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Meanwhile, Ukraine had the highest rate of measles cases in Europe, at 1,209 per one million population - 10 times the country's rate in 2017.

As of Wednesday, the Clark County Public Health Department had confirmed 50 cases of meales since January 1.

At least 10 states are reporting cases of measles across the nation.

And when it comes to combatting preventative diseases, the CDC says there are no alternatives to vaccination.

Legislation in the state of NY permits vaccine exemptions for individuals who have religious beliefs against immunization.

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More than 82,000 people in Europe were infected with the measles in 2018, marking the highest number of cases reported in the region this decade, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It can be prevented by the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine...

According to Clark County's outbreak investigation statement, all of the confirmed cases are a match of a wild strain of virus that has been circulating through Eastern Europe and is preventable through vaccination.

In their letter, the PPS and PIDSP have also given a recommendation for individuals older than 12 months without a history of measles disease, not pregnant, with no immunocompromising conditions or allergic reaction to a previous dose of measles-containing vaccine.

"We're hopeful and any time we see that there are no new exposure locations that's helpful", said Marissa Armstrong, spokeswoman for the Clark County Public Health.

"It should be a wake-up call. not only for every person [and] for every health center in Madagascar, but for the whole world", Kightlinger tells CNN, noting that some Americans choose not vaccinate their kids, while in Madagascar low vaccine rates are typically due to lack of access.

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Of those, 72 cases killed the infected. According to the aforementioned study, other areas that are considered hotspots include Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; Provo, Utah; Fort Worth, Texas; Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The latest outbreak of measles started in an anti-vaccination hotspot where only 78 percent of the kindergarten through high school population had gotten their shots.

"State and local health officials now need to work with their state legislatures to close the loopholes that allow non-medical exemptions for reasons of personal belief, as was done previously in California", said the study's lead author, Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, in a previous interview with Contagion.

Health workers, especially those in communities, remain the most trusted advisor and influencer of vaccination decisions, and they must be supported to provide trusted, credible information on vaccines, the WHO stresses.

Canada has had a number of measles outbreaks in recent years.

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