Galaxy Note S Pen might have a camera inside for selfies

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It describes an "electric pen device" with an "optical system including a lens and an image sensor", allowing a camera to be "controlled from the external electronic device".

Now it appears that Samsung has bigger plans for the digital stylus. There have been a grand total of zero S Pen with an integrated camera.

The patent, spotted by Patently Mobile (via Android Police), reveals an S-Pen with a camera in the top section.

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Smartphone cameras are indeed getting smaller but the idea of putting a camera inside a thin S Pen plus the lenses necessary for optical zoom sounds nearly preposterous.

If you thought it was weird seeing Samsung stuffing the Galaxy Note 9 thin S-Pen with a Bluetooth radio and battery, then the latest news about the celebrated S-pen might be more interesting to you, as Samsung thinks it can squeeze more into the thin piece of accessory. However, I would imagine that video calls would be mildly annoying via the S-Pen camera, as you'd need to hold the stylus up for the duration of the call. By doing this, the company opens the door for a proper full-screen display without a notch or punch-hole design.

An included diagram illustrates the pen sitting in a Galaxy Note-style holding storage space as well as peeking out slightly like those pop-up cam systems we've seen recently.

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Remember that Samsung has started to add S Pens to devices beyond its Note smartphone and tablet range. With that in mind, we want to take you through some steps that will help you prepare yourself, and your device, for your Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie release date.

Another possibility is that the stylus camera could be used for productivity tasks, such as optical text recognition.

A third potential use-case is general photography, allowing users to take a few photos in a more seamless manner. It is not for sure when will Samsung decide to use this tech in its smartphones.

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