Geralt of Rivia Now Ensconced in Monster Hunter World on Consoles

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The crossover content revolves around a new, original quest line available for all players who have reached Hunter Rank 16 or higher.

In other Monster Hunter: World news, Capcom has announced that the game has sold nearly 12 million copies world-wide, making it the most popular game in the series, and the best selling Capcom game of all time. After you complete the assignment, the Geralt α full armor set will be available for crafting, as well as the Sword & Shieldweapon Witcher's Silver Sword for your Hunter.

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Capcom announced the Monster Hunter World/The Witcher crossover event back in December of past year and brings new RPG elements to Monster Hunter World.

The available costume sets for the hunter are based on the main "Witcher" characters, Geralt and Siri. Players will be able to talk to other characters, and their dialogue choices will determine how the story unfolds. As for the content, players can expect a new Contract, and they can even play as Geralt himself complete with his abilities and silver sword! This is a much more hard version of the Leshen and you will need to bring your friends along in order to be successful.

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From February 15th players above Hunter Rank 50 will have access to another contract named Woodland Spirit. Called the Contract: Woodland Spirit, : it will pit players against an "extremely challenging" of the Leshen.

As part of Update 6.0 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players can take on the role of Geralt of Rivia once again, much like they have in Soulcalibur VI already. This time it's a multiplayer challenge where players who take down the beast will be awarded with a Ciri full armour set and a pair of dual blades.

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Of course, we'll let you know the moment the PC release date drops.