Google Maps AR navigation feature now available for some users

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First, Google Maps leverages Global Positioning System to sense your basic location. The app may in future use a combination of AI and AR technologies, combined with your phone's camera to aid in real-time location tracking.

When Google had shown the AR feature, the idea was that AR will help place the user more accurately on the Maps.

Firing up Google Maps to figure out where to go is set to get a lot easier with a new feature the company is now testing. Combining the camera to Maps will make finding locations easier. The operating system's four new wonderful features will help you plan your lives better and indulge in meaningful engagement.Dashboard in Andoid P will give you access to a chart of apps you are engaging in and the activities within a certain app.With the app-timer mode, your smartphone will nudge you when you are close to your limit of using one particular app, after which it will turn grey for the rest of the day to remind you of your goals.If you enable the new do not disturb "Shush" mode and keep your phone upside down, it will halt all notifications. The Maps app has a dedicated button that switches on the AR mode that opens up the camera, and starts analysing your surroundings using Street View data. The real-time feature is however not meant to be on at all times, as it drains battery and the app even reminds the user to turn the feature off once it knows where to go.

Credit: The Wall Street JournalAccording to The Wall Street Journal, which had a chance to try out the feature, Google has chosen a handful of "Local Guides" to give AR directions a spin.

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No date had been set for the testing phase or wider launch.

The WSJ's David Pierce notes that the feature will likely end up on the AR glasses that many companies are now either working on or selling.

The announcement for the AR navigation system was made at the annual Google conference Google I/O 2019 last May. The company has not officially announced when the AR feature will out to all Google Maps users, with WSJ saying this will only happen when the company is sure that the feature is "ready". Once his location was pinned down, it displayed big arrows and directions in his screen, the report said on Saturday.

Every year Google hosts an event for developers called Google I/O.

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From there, users can create a shortlist of their favorite destinations that they can share with their friends.

Something to look forward to: Have you ever found yourself frustrated with Google Maps, walking the wrong way when the blue dot thinks you're somewhere else?

And Google could soon roll out a new version of maps that addresses an age-old issue where you're unable to figure out which way is North or South.

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