Hugh Jackman vs Ryan Reynolds Is Back On!

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However, it would appear that one of the actors took their job a little more seriously than the other and fans will hopefully get the see the fallout on social media.

In these ads produced by Escape Velocity, Reynolds appears to act in good faith while gushing about "my friend, Hugh Jackman", who follows up with a foul-mouthed insult about his rival, and yes, it seems that Jackman wins this round, scripted (by Reynolds, Jackman and George Dewey) or not.

Both actors have often shared videos and advertisements for their brands on social media. In the video, Hugh started to explain.

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After years of jokingly feuding back and forth on social media, the actors have "called a truce" and agreed to make adverts for each other's respective drinks brands. I personally love the dejected look in Reynold's eyes when he confesses to Jackman that his ad for Laughing Man cofee cost $1 million dollars to produce. Be sure to check out the full video from Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel below.

'Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f***ing a******. the gin is pretty great though, I'll have to try it someday, ' the Greatest Showman star said, before tipping over the bottle with the booze spilling out. The actors have in the past posted amusing takedowns of each other on Twitter and Instagram.

"Sorry, man", Jackman tells him. 'So I'm going to go first, let's roll it'. "Just this once. On your birthday".

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But Reynolds was having none of it, telling his cinematic colleague: 'Let's just roll it, come on, I can't wait to see it'. On Jackman's wedding anniversary, Reynolds had joked that he'd given the relationship "three months".

Reynolds put together a sentimental clip about Jackman's coffee company, Laughing Man, which allows farmers in developing countries to sell their products to consumers in the United States. Reynolds even crashed a press interview for Jackman's film, Eddie the Eagle, and who can forget the opening scene of Deadpool 2, which poked fun at Wolverine's death in Logan.

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