IS 'caliphate' on brink of defeat in Syria

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Diehard militants have blocked roads out of the last scrap of their Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) "caliphate" in Syria, United States-backed forces fighting them said on Sunday (Feb 17), preventing hundreds of civilians from fleeing.

IS fighters in 2014 captured large areas of territory in Syria and neighboring Iraq, establishing what they called an Islamic "caliphate" and committing massive human rights violations and terror attacks.

On a rooftop on the edges of the village, a fighter with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces battling IS told AFP that even the frequencies used by the jihadists to communicate had gone dead.

Berlin said that in order for German citizens captured in Syria to be put on trial in Germany, they would have to have had access to the consular and legal advice they are entitled to in Syria, and that given the sutuation there, this could not be guaranteed.

"Civilians who have escaped are reporting ISIS is using them as human shields", Sean Ryan said.

Trump's message to the U.K., France, Germany is the latest instance of American officials, some meeting with world leaders overseas, emphasizing the Islamic State's global reach as it seeks allies to stabilize Syria ahead of the planned withdrawal of USA troops. "Baghouz with a number of civilians they hold hostage and refuse to release", he earlier said. In that tiny patch on the banks of the Euphrates River, hundreds of militants are hiding among civilians under the shadow of a small hill - encircled by forces waiting to declare the territorial defeat of the extremist group.

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The fight against the Islamic State in Syria is virtually won, and "an orderly step-by-step withdrawal" of USA troops will follow, Jeffrey said.

"No one will protect you except your state", he said.

Backed by air strikes by the USA -led coalition, the Syrian Democratic Forces have already retaken most of the village.

President Trump has told the United Kingdom and other European allies to take back and put on trial more than 800 Islamic State (IS) group fighters captured in the final battle against the group.

'We do so much, and spend so much - Time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing. "The US does not want to watch as these IS fighters permeate Europe, which is where they are expected to go".

An SDF source said the convoy of vehicles could transport civilians if any made it out of the jihadist redoubt.

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Trump has sworn to pull USA forces from Syria after IS's territorial defeat, raising questions over the fate of Washington's Kurdish allies and Turkish involvement in north-east Syria. Trump said in his late-Saturday tweets.

"IS is besieged in a neighborhood that is estimated to be 700 meters long and 700 meters wide", said Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander Jia Furat.

"We have a lot of great announcements having to do with Syria and our success with the eradication of the caliphate and that will be announced over the next 24 hours", Trump told journalists at the White House on Friday.

Otherwise, "we will be forced to release them".

Kheda Saratova, an adviser to Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov, said that about 200 children have been brought to Russian Federation, but almost 1,400 are still stuck in Iraq and Syria.

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