Jay-Z joining the fight for 21 Savage's freedom

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Demi - who suffered a near fatal overdose past year and is now six months sober - had originally joked that memes concerning 21 Savage's situation were her "favourite part" of the Super Bowl weekend.

21 Savage - whose real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph - was arrested in Atlanta at the weekend after ICE agents claimed he is actually a British citizen who has overstayed his United States visa for over a decade.

According to three police reports, 21 was in a red Dodge Challenger and drove across the sidewalk in an attempt to get onto another street. This is a civil law violation, and the continued detention of Mr. Abraham-Joseph serves no other objective than to unnecessarily punish him and try to intimidate him into giving up his right to fight to remain in the United States.

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The firearm was allegedly listed in the inventory section of the police report. Jigga released a statement on the matter as well. The visa is available to those who have been the victims of a crime in the United States, have suffered physical or mental injury as a result of a crime and who are "helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity", according to ICE.

Alex Spiro, the NY attorney who at one time represented rap mogul Jay-Z, has taken on Abraham-Joseph's case at his famous client's request this week.

He wrote in a social media post: "The arrest and detention of 21 Savage is an absolute travesty, his [U.S.] visa petition has been pending for four years".

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And now, days later, the rapper is addressing his deportation through his legal team.

21 Savage is a major figure in Atlanta's vibrant rap scene. He was convicted of drugs charges in 2014.

Abraham-Joseph arrived from the U.K.in 2005 with his mom but they never left like they were supposed to after their visas expired the following year.

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'In addition to being a successful recording artist, 21 deserves to be reunited with his children immediately, ' Jay-Z said.