Kevin Durant went all in on the media

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Durant told reporters to "grow up" and basically leave him alone and let him play basketball. Grow up. Yeah, you.

So, it makes sense that Durant would want to silence the media, and I think he made his point crystal clear. Just walk in here, survey and then write something like that, and then now y'all piling on me because I don't want to talk about that.

So, did Durant's outburst Wednesday night help put to rest speculation about his future with the Warriors? I come here to work every day and cause no problems.

Durant is out of contract in the summer and his free agency has drawn much attention in recent months.

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With media reports swirling that Durant is ready to leave Golden State in free agency this summer and speculation mounting where the Warriors' star might land, a source close to the situation confirmed to Field Level Media that the National Basketball Association and Warriors were in discussions about ending his relative silence.

Durant was particularly angered by a column in which The Athletic's Ethan Strauss noted that many around the league believe Durant is heading to the Knicks.

However, the regular season Warriors are not of interest to just about anyone outside of Oakland. It's best for Durant to recognize he is in the most ideal situation for a player of his skillset. We want to see that K every day. I don't think about that kind of stuff.

"In terms of him just playing basketball, focusing on what happens out there on the 94 feet, being there for us as teammates, and us being there for him, that's what he can control".

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What also seemed to have triggered Durant's emotions was a column written by the Bay Area News Group's Dieter Kurtenbach, in which Durant's future with the Knicks was discussed.

You weren't talking to the media before...

With a championship trophy in one hand and Finals MVP trophy in the other, it's no wonder that Durant feels this way.

"He's a grown man, and he's gotta do his job and I've gotta do mine".

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