Lavar Ball: Lakers' 'Luke Walton Was the Worst Coach Ever for Lonzo'

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LaVar Ball isn't backing down and wants to make it known that he is not afraid of James.

With trade rumors swirling about Davis coming to Los Angeles to join the Lakers and Lonzo Ball being included in numerous rumored packages, we could soon see LaVar Ball and the Lakers separate, a move that seems to be in the best interests of both parties. They get nothing. [Brandon] Ingram play by himself? You can change speeds with Ball coming off the bench or have him come in and clamp down on D. You could put him in a lineup with a bunch of shooters who can cover up for his liability from the outside with that weird-looking shot of his.

"The Lakers gave my boy that losing attitude".

Whether he overcomes those issues or not is yet to be seen, but if there is one thing you need to know about Lonzo Ball, it's that he has been winning his entire life. He's been a guy who controls the game. "Yes LaVar is hurting to some degree but just as much as Lonzo's unassertive play play is hurting the Lakers".

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"Afraid of LeBron? I'm not afraid of Jesus!"

And now we've reached the crux of LaVar's diatribe. Although his scoring numbers aren't where the Lakers would want them to be, it's undeniable that he creates plenty more opportunities for teammates with his playmaking abilities. For some reason he thinks Phoenix is the place that will make it happen.

The Lakers are reportedly throwing the kitchen sink (while it's still attached to the plumbing) at the Pelicans in their attempts to land superstar Anthony Davis, but it doesn't seem like the Pelicans want to budge right now.

LaVar Ball is back, and he's just as loud as ever.

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Trading Ball to the Suns could actually be a very good move for his career though, playing alongside two great young stars in Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

The problem for LaVar is that Lonzo is on his rookie contract and has no say in where he gets traded.

Lonzo's father has a way of getting what he wants. I wish Lonzo had his dad's attitude and would get on the court and go for it, push the envelope and show some level of aggression and assertiveness.

"It's time for something new".

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