Mars One Ventures is Bankrupt

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"We don't have the technology to go to Mars, with everything we know today, so I don't think that a marketing company and a TV-type of selection, is sending anybody anywhere", she added.

Despite bankruptcy, Mars One has been keeping up appearances on Twitter with nary a mention of having gone belly up. Mars One's creator, Bas Lansdorp, affirmed the news to Engadget and told the publication he was "working to discover an answer". Among its critics are MIT researchers, who said the plan would simply kill off all the Mars settlers. "The Mars One Foundation is effectively proceeding with its endeavors to secure funding for the mission's next steps, either through the listed company or directly into the Foundation". Then, it was reported that Ukrainian was selected in the Mars One project.

Mars One started grabbing headlines in 2012 when the company revealed its insane plan to send humans to Mars in 2020s. By 2013, the company claimed that almost 80,000 people had done so.

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Be that as it may, many of Mars One's claims have come under intense scrutiny in the years since its beginning. According to the organization, around 200,000 applications were submitted although one source, a finalist that in 2015 claimed the whole thing was a scam, said the actual number of applications received was just 2,761.

The spaceship with the colonists was to be launched to Mars in 2026.

You're not going to believe this, but the pie-in-the-sky plan to colonize Mars via a kooky reality show is dead.

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The mission of colonizing Mars, appeared in 2011.

For now, that's all Mars One is saying on the matter. The company's most recent news update was an $13.5 million investment from Phoenix Enterprises AG in July 2018. The company goes on to explain that it's going to "redirect its focus" and attempt to actually make good on its claims of a manned Mars mission.

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