Pelicans, Celtics ‘discussed extensively’ Jayson Tatum for Anthony Davis deal

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The Celtics may have to part ways with 20-year-old small forward Jayson Tatum if they want to acquire Pelicans All-Star big man Anthony Davis.

The Celtics are unable to trade for Davis this season because Kyrie Irving and Davis are both under rookie contract extensions, and you can not have two players like that on your roster.

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The Lakers have included only two of their better young players in a rotating group of offers, none of which included multiple first-round picks or offering salary cap relief for the Pelicans - typical staples of offers for superstar players, sources said. Although the Celtics can't be positive on Irving's forthcoming decision in July, they do remain confident he'll choose to stay in Boston, sources said. Davis is as well and National Basketball Association rules only allow one player with that type of contract on a team at a time.

The report also states the Boston Celtics are encouraging the Pelicans to hang on to Davis past the deadline and wait until the summer to deal when they can offer a more substantial package. "Danny Ainge has, in other words, let it be known the Celts are ready to take their chances with keeping Davis beyond the summer of 2020 when he can become a free agent". He has been medically cleared to return from a broken finger.

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While there are a lot of moving parts and anything can happen before NBA's 3 p.m. ET Thursday trade deadline, The Athletic noted securing Davis would help the Celtics' odds to re-sign veteran Kyrie Irving.

Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like Davis is willing to sign any extensions.

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