Suspect in chair-throwing video turns herself in

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A suspect was identified Wednesday as 19-year-old Toronto resident Marcella Zoia.

Police said they are in the process of interviewing the woman and no charges have yet been laid.

Police announced the charges against the woman this morning, two days after a video appearing to show the incident went viral and investigators launched a public appeal to identify her.

On Monday, a video circulated around social media appearing to show a blonde woman, wearing all black, toss a chair off the balcony of the window of a building in Toronto.

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"This is the best option for all so she, like everyone else offered this option, was given some leeway". And that's what has happened, ' police spokesman David Hopkinson told CBC.

Neighbours have said the unit was used as a short-term rental.

While no one was hurt, someone could very easily have been hit, said Hopkinson, calling throwing the chair "very callous" due to the apparent disregard. This is irresponsible behavior that is unacceptable, ' Toronto mayor, John Tory said. "It was grossly irresponsible behaviour that could have caused serious injury and death".

The chairs landed near the front entrance of the towering condo, but there were no reports of injuries.

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A flurry of emails, calls, and other information came through shortly after the video was published, helping police determine who the woman was. "We'll see how this works, but that's a long way down the road", Leslie said.

In a statement released late Tuesday, Airbnb said it would look into whether any of its users were involved in the incident.

'I just hope that people take from the example the consequences that will befall this woman.

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