Trump adviser Stone: I'm not Kim Kardashian, don't need gag order

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Jackson raised the issue last week after she warned Stone not to treat his criminal case like a "book tour". "Moreover, continued extrajudicial statements by the defendant are likely to increase the level of pretrial publicity and create a substantial risk of tainting the jury pool".

He said people who closely follow American politics might know who he was, but he was "hardly ubiquitous in the larger landscape of popular consciousness".

"An example of how limited and narrow his public presence is, is that Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter", they added. "Roger Stone's Instagram following amounts to 39 thousand subscribers", Stone's attorney stated.

Besides, Stone wants to be heard even while he's under indictment.

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Jackson said last week that if she imposes a gag order, it won't limit all of Stone's speech.

"Roger Stone is a writer and a speaker", wrote his defense team in a filing signed by Bruce S. Rogow and L. Peter Farkas. He noted that prior restraints against free speech must be addressed with strict scrutiny, and that there must be "a clear and present danger to the seating of an impartial jury", in order to keep him from talking. The statement cited recent television appearances in which Stone discussed "the merits of the charges, the nature of the evidence, the identity and credibility of trial witnesses, and the motives of the prosecution".

Agents later walk Stone back into his home, still handcuffed, for unknown reasons. And Stone, who has pleaded not guilty, asks that the judge allow his case to be randomly assigned.

Mr. Stone was indicted as a result of the Justice Department's investigation into the 2016 race being led by Robert Mueller, a former FBI director appointed special counsel in May 2017, making him the 34th person charged in the probe's 21-month history.

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Prosecutors said the two share a common search warrant, and "there are activities which are a part of the same alleged criminal event or transaction", according to Stone's filing.

"At first blush and without the benefit of discovery, there is nothing about these cases that suggests they are suitably related, other than they are both brought by the Office of Special Counsel", Stone's attorneys wrote in the filing.

Stone is suspected of lying about his contacts with Julian Assange and of speaking with Trump about pending WikiLeaks dumps that might have damaged election opponent Hillary Clinton.

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