Trump holds campaign rally in El Paso

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"Will be heading to El Paso very soon". " The resistance ranges from officials in the border town of Nogales, Arizona taking down his newly installed, flesh-slicing, maximum-security-prison-flavored coils of razor wire on an existing border fence - WTF on the USA side yet - universally blasted as "inhuman" to New Mexico's governor withdrawing most National Guard troops from the border, condemning Trump's "charade (of) fear-mongering" and even making a wild video in which she hurls herself through multiple walls to show what she thinks of the whole ignoring-real-problems-to-build-a-stupid-racist-wall thing".

The former three-term congressman from Texas is joining a one-mile march that will end with O'Rourke giving a speech critical of Trump's push for billions in federal funds to extend a wall along with border with Mexico. "El Paso's example shows that only with a physical barrier can we stop the flow of illegal immigration, drugs, and crime and secure our southern border", Brad Parscale, campaign manager, said in a statement. In their resolution Monday, El Paso County officials noted the city's violent crime rate dropped 62 percent between its peak in the 1990s to 2007, a year before construction on the fence began.

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"If people had contacted me about our attorney general's remarks, I would have corrected it at that time", Margo said.

The 57 miles of border fencing in El Paso was constructed a few years after Bush signed the Border Fence Act in 2006. And it's not continuous. Big speech on Border Security and much else tonight.

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"The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime-one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our nation's most unsafe cities".

In a conference call with reporters, O'Rourke said his counter-rally two hundred yards from the Trump event would be a "powerful, beautiful" response to "Trump's lies about our community, the U.S. -Mexico border, immigrants, about Mexicans".

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"Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit and talk about and see firsthand what the border really looks like and how we are so closely intertwined, for nearly 400 years, between El Paso and Juarez", Margo said.