Volkswagen dune buggy makes an electric comeback

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Some of these were built from scratch as a custom vehicle. Rumors peg it as rear-wheel drive, the basic format of the MEB platform, but the platform will also support all-wheel drive with a second motor up front. This in turn became the infamous VW beach buggy that we know today. There's certainly something to be said for the compact nature of an electric system - there's no need to route exhaust systems, fuel lines, or make room for bulky driveline components that could change from vehicle to vehicle. The only thing missing is a properly vintage coat of insane metallic paint, though the teasers suggest the concept will wear a garish shade of green. Volkswagen's latest concept - which doesn't officially have a name yet - rides on the modular MEB platform the Wolfsburg-based firm developed to underpin an entire family of electric auto.

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Power comes from an electric motor, but additional technical specifications haven't been released yet. Yes, the classic rear-engined beach buggy is now reimagined as an all-electric dune hopper, and though the teaser photos don't reveal all the details, we can see that the core elements appear to be present. Now all it lacks is a proper classic paint job, which will unlikely be the case.

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Using "roided-out versions of the Volkswagen Beetle's little engine that could, as well as some people's vehicle chassis bits, American builders ended up with maniacal machines capable of scoring bragging rights at legendary battlegrounds like Glamis sand dunes" Competition Hill. And with chunky wheels and tyres, a squat stance and low centre of gravity, it very much looks like a modern-day Manx - just with the trendy 2019 trinkets; a backlit Volkswagen logo, and trendy spotlights that revamp the originals. So for its latest concept auto, Volkswagen chose to use its new electric platform to build a dune buggy of its own.

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