Warren Listed as 'American Indian' on Texas Bar Card

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Last week, Warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test in an attempt to prove her ancestry claims, and on Tuesday, she again more broadly apologized for identifying as Native American "for nearly two decades", according to The Post.

"I think her policies are strong enough - her honesty or her devotion to making things better - that it overcomes any issues, any doubts that this might raise in my mind about her", the donor said.

President Trump has referred to Warren as Pocahontas throughout his presidency. " Another notable group of doubters is the Cherokee nation itself, who called the senator's DNA test "useless" in determining citizenship".

Throughout these scandals, Warren has maintained that she did not use her claims of Native American ancestry to boost her academic career.

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"So all I know is during this time period, this is consistent with what I did because it was based on my understanding from my family's stories", Warren said.

Warren said that she told the Cherokees' Principal Chief Bill John Baker last week that she was "sorry for adding confusion about tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty and for harm caused to native tribes - and also for not being more mindful of that decades ago", Warren said. "Warren pretended to be a minority to climb the Ivy League ladder - a lie that will continue to haunt her presidential ambitions", Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Mike Reed wrote in a statement released Tuesday evening.

Elizabeth Warren apologized Wednesday for calling herself an "American Indian" on a Texas bar application. "I am not a member of the tribe and I have apologized for not being more sensitive to that distinction".

A Warren aide did not dispute the card's authenticity and declined to comment on whether there might be other unreported examples of her having claimed American Indian heritage.

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Her license, under bar card No. 20885410, was issued April 11, 1986.

"I'm not a tribal citizen and I respect the difference", the Massachusetts Democrat had told CNN on Monday.

She also had been licensed in New Jersey, but resigned from the bar. Moreover, Trump said he would pledge $1 million to the senator's favorite charity if the DNA tests proved her alleged heritage. The change came two years after she was hired there.

Several months after Warren started working at Harvard law school in 1995, she approved listing her ethnicity as Native American.

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