Your Spotify account may be terminated if you try to block ads

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Unfortunately for Spotify, in addition to ad blockers for browsers, there are apps for Windows and Android created to block the streaming service's ads.

Spotify is on one of its most important turning points.

That said, an explicit banning of ad blockers is an expected move.

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Spotify already has detection measures in place to identify users who are circumventing ads, and previous year it estimated that two million people were using its free service in a way that generated no revenue for the company or musicians.

Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is cracking down on listeners using ad blockers on the free version of the app. They can detect, investigate, and deal with "artificial manipulation of streaming activity". Any account with suspicious or abnormal activity on this front will be red flagged. It sent warnings via email and even gave affected users a chance to redeem their accounts after uninstalling or deactivating ad-blocking software.

Spotify is like any other company, with the need to make a profit. In March of 2018, this statistic accounted for 1.3 percent of its total users at the time, and it was sufficient for them to restate usage metrics, in order to account for fraudulent streams.

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Torrentfreak reported: "Spotify informs users of modified apps that they're on the company's radar and there could be consequences for trying to subvert the system".

Spotify also announced this week that it was making significant headway on its podcasting ambitions by acquiring Anchor and Gimlet Media, the latter of which includes podcasts such as Reply All and Crimetown.

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