'Anthem' is reportedly bricking and shutting down PS4s

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Over on Reddit, there are several threads that see both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players reporting that Anthem causes their entire console to crash - with many reporting the crash issue has occurred a few times.

ANTHEM just can't catch a break, can it? But the problems seem much worse on consoles, as the PlayStation 4 version is crashing so hard it's shutting the entire system down.

We've also gotten tips from players affected by the issue, including at least one who says that Anthem bricked their PS4 as well. These hard crashes send the PS4 into Safe Mode irregardless for system check-ups and essentially make the PS4 think you unplugged the power cord. Issues include rampant crashes and system shut downs that can damage the console.

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It's a fairly severe issue in a high-profile game like BioWare's latest, and one that unfortunately comes during an already turbulent launch period. "Took me 5 minutes", claimed one Redditor.

Another redditor said "And they helped right away, no problem at all. Just provided some account info after that, that they needed, and then it was refunded", they added.

"Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem no questions asked". While Sony is known for rarely giving refunds, it appears that in this case (of a potentially broken game), an exception is being made. Many big game releases come with numerous bugs that still need to be ironed out with patches, but Anthem's critical bug is hard-crashing consoles.

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To request a refund from Sony, you can contact PlayStation Support.

While Sony has yet to comment, this throws light on the fact that buying games digitally on a platform that does not have a strong refund policy or transparent customer support policies is not advised.

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