Conor McGregor arrested for allegedly smashing, stealing fan's phone in Miami

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According to an arrest report, McGregor and the fan were walking out of the resort, home to the LIV nightclub, just past 5 a.m.

Conor McGregor was reportedly booked in a Miami-Dade County jail on Monday. "McGregor then allegedly stomped on the phone several times, damaging it".

The victim told investigators the phone cost $1,000.

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Of course, this isn't the former champion's first run-in with the law in America as the first big incident for McGregor was during UFC 223's fight week when he stormed the Barclay's Center with his teammates and threw a dolly through the fighter bus window.

The entire incident was apparently captured on surveillance footage, which eventually led detectives to McGregor where he was arrested for the crime.

Conor McGregor just completed his community service for a insane bus attack he was involved in back in October, and already the former Ultimate Fighting Championship has found himself back in trouble.

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Chiesa filed a civil lawsuit against McGregor seeking damages for "severe emotional distress, mental trauma and/or bodily harm".

Three members of Nurmagomedov's team were arrested and released after McGregor declined to press charges.

Police are reported to have spent the day investigating the incident before arresting McGregor on Monday evening at a home in Miami Beach.

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