Google Android Q Beta includes a desktop mode - Android

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Google's own-brand devices are some of the best if you want a pure Android experience and it seems they are also worth owning if you want access to the latest features from the internet firm. It is worth noting that unlike what happened with Android 9 Pie previous year, Google is making its Android Q beta 1 available non-developers as well. Google says apps like YouTube and Keep open about 21 percent faster on Q. With 3D face unlock solutions becoming more common, Android Q will add support for face identification as a system-level security method.

The operating system will also include enhanced support for foldable smartphones such as Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X devices.

Google will be releasing six beta editions of Android Q. The first one will come in March and the second one will be arriving in April. So far, two less powerful devices dubbed the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite have been leaked and discussed several times.

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Pixel users, get ready to engage Smug Mode: you get to try Android Q before anyone else.

The new version of Android, Android Q, has arrived! Users will be able to control an application's access to the Photos, Videos, or Audio collections via new permissions. Android Q is also adding "experimental support" for ANGLE on top of Vulkan, which is "a graphics abstraction layer designed for high-performance OpenGL compatibility across implementations".

The Android Q Beta 1 is aimed towards the developers for testing their apps for the new version of Android.

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For Android Q, the change will affect access to the platform's clipboard.

As noticed by Michael Young on Twitter, Android Q has a new option that allows users to force desktop mode. More details in may this year Google has released Android Q Beta 1 for developers to test the new APIs and give feedback before the Google IO 2019 developer's conference.

Another new feature Google is including with Q is the ability to change your accent colours. Bugs in the beta can cause you to have to reset the device.

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The same beta program was used for Android Nougat, Oreo and Pie and is very simple, meaning you don't have to get involved in flashing updates or anything complicated. Don't do this out of casual interest, especially since future betas figure to be more stable.