Health professionals support students in their strike for healthy climate action

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Thunberg is famous for repeatedly skipping school on Fridays to sit at Riksdag, the legislative building of Sweden, to protest Sweden's lack of discussion on climate change policy.

High School and University students from Kelowna will be joining Thunberg and a reported 92 other countries across the world in the Global Climate Strike for Future demonstration when they walk "out of classes and [protest] inaction and apathy around climate change", read a statement from the Kelowna Youth Climate Strike Team.

A prominent pupil in the Irish climate strike movement has rejected the Taoiseach's recent endorsement of students until he acts appropiately to tackle our runaway emissions.

Organizers are calling on students who can not participate in a group action to demonstrate their support on Friday by wearing green and making time during the day to show solidarity with the Youth Climate Strike and its goals.

In the months since Thunberg began her weekly action, a contingent of like-minded climate activists has followed suit around the world.

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"Climate change is a really urgent issue and we've only got to 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate change".

"We appreciate the work our students are doing to engage in the political process and raise their voices to affect change, especially about the topic of environmentalism", said Superintendent Sean McPhetridge. To Noor, the "we" means youth.

"As health professionals we know that climate change is already affecting the wellbeing of children and young people", says Dr Alex Macmillan, Co-convenor of OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council.

Jacqueline Kohler, a chemistry teacher at BHS believes that addressing climate change is crucial in the social landscape today. "By simply reducing auto use and our burning of coal we could prevent many of these sick days because as well as reducing the emissions that cause climate change we would also be addressing air pollution".

Kohler supports youth activism and says it encourages society to understand issues and make intelligent decisions that will benefit humankind.

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Below, Alexia tells Women's Agenda why she chose to get so heavily involved in the climate strike, her part in the initiative Climate Leaders and why she can't sit at school anymore and do nothing.

Hawke's Bay Secondary Principals' Association chairman and Taradale High School principal Stephen Hensman said he supported "teenagers wanting to advocate for change in how we approach the environment". "So I do think that if students are going to choose to go on the strike that they need to be in contact with their teachers to set up some time to learn what they miss".

Vivanco acknowledges that missing school is bad, but reasons that one day of school is small compared to the future which she could be protesting for.

Ms O'Donnell's letter states "there is no intention to take punitive action, however young people will be expected to show they have permission in order that their absence from school be recorded as authorised". And then on the second day, people started joining me.

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