Jaguar Land Rover recalls 44,000 United Kingdom cars over Carbon dioxide emissions

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The problem was first identified by the UK's Vehicle Certification Authority, which discovered a discrepancy between the stated Carbon dioxide emissions and the actual Carbon dioxide output of the affected cars during conformity testing. JLR then informed the country's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which handles recalls, of the findings.

Tata Motors shares fell 2 percent in morning on Thursday after subsidiary JLR recalled some cars due to excessive Carbon dioxide emissions.

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The recall includes vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar F-Pace. It added that this included corrective repairs and software updates, while certain 2016-17 Range Rover Evoques would require the fitting of new low-rolling resistance tyres that "enhanced the efficiency of the powertrain, thereby lowering C02 emissions".

Various Jaguar E-Pace, F-Pace, F-Type, XE and XF models. Most affected models are petrol, while some are diesel.

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Natalie Hitchins, head of home products and services at consumer group Which?, said: "Consumers must be able to fully trust the claims of vehicle manufacturers, particularly after the emissions scandals of recent years".

If you own an affected auto, Jaguar Land Rover should soon be contacting you to arrange a free of charge fix (if you're anxious you could cal Jaguar Customer Services on 0345 303 2303 or Land Rover on 0370 500 0500), which seems to mean a software update.

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At the same time, worldwide agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has prompted multiple governments to announce plans to ban the sale of new fossil fuel-powered cars, with the United Kingdom to do so from 2040. "This includes vehicles that are damaging our environment".

"The modifications made to affected vehicles will be made free of charge and every effort will be made to minimise inconvenience to the customer during the short time required for the work to be carried out", Jaguar Land Rover said in a statement.

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While today's announcement is far from the largest recall the industry has seen in recent years, the cost of carrying out work on 44,000 cars will come as a blow to the brand.